The Lash Shop Academy is one of Canada's first accredited training programs for Classic Lash Extensions, Volume Lash Extensions and Lash Lift & Tint - reviewed and approved by the National Association for Lash Artists (NALA). NALA is an international accreditation agency that monitors, assesses and evaluates the quality of education a student receives at a training facility. Students can trust that an accredited course will provide them with valuable and worthwhile education. Students that have been certified through an accredited training academy are acknowledged as accredited lash artists.

Our courses provides the knowledge and hands on experience for succeeding in the industry. The Lash Shop's in-depth and intensive course ensures that all students receive beyond the industry standard training. The Lash Shop takes pride in the curriculum and training techniques. Courses are updated regularly, ensuring that all students receive the most up-to-date theory and techniques! The Lash Shop is all about supporting and empowering all of students to start their lashing career!

We strive to provide the best education and environment for our students. As a result, it had led to us having a very high student success rate - with many moving on to opening their own lash studios! We have been recognized as having the most comprehensive lash curriculum and academy worldwide!


2019 NALA Award for Comprehensive Curriculum

"This award will go to a lash academy that offers an extremely comprehensive program with great detail and valuable information. An academy that has gone above and beyond the requirements to prepare their students with the best possible education for their new career".

We are so proud to be recognized for our intensive curriculum! We strive to prepare every student for success - we choose to invest in all of our students! We are always working to continuously raise the standards for training in the Lash Industry.


Fendi Oung, CEO of The Lash Shop, has been in the Beauty Industry since she was 17. She found her love for the Lash Industry in 2014, and the rest is history!

Fendi graduated from Ryerson University with a Degree in Biology and Chemistry. After graduation, she pursued a post graduate program and obtained her Diploma in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs and Quality Control. Her background in sciences and her love for research has helped her develop one of the most in-depth lash curriculums in the world! The Lash Shop's course was nominated for "2018 and 2019 NALA Comprehensive Curriculum Award" and "2019 NALA Academy of the Year".

Her love and passion for the industry drives her to provide only the best to all her students! She was nominated for "2018 NALA Educator of the Year Award".

Fendi is Certified and Accredited Lash Artist, NALA Member and Board of Advisor for the National Association of Lash Artists (NALA). She has even joined forces with NALA to educate lash artists on how to start their own Lash Academy and Become an Educator!


The Lash Shop wants to give students the flexibility to choose what works for them. All courses consist of the same curriculum. We have trained so many students over the years and understand that each person have a different learning style and pace. We cater each session according to each individual student, so they are able to absorb all the knowledge and techniques in ways that are comfortable with. The training hours are only approximate, as some sessions may be shorter or longer depending on the students work pace. We never rush through training, as our goal is to ensure that every students completes the course with confidence!

Many academy's offer courses in group settings, usually consisting of 6+ students. We want to invest in every student that attends our courses, so we only offer private or semi-private (only available upon request). We want our students to complete the course with knowledge, experience and confidence for success in the industry. It's not about how many students we can train, it's about how many successful lash artists we can create. We will spend as much time as we need with each student to ensure that they are confident in their craft!

All Lash Courses at The Lash Shop Academy have been Accredited by the NALA! This ensures that all students are provided with the theory, hands on practice and support they need to be successful in the Lash Industry!

Our curriculum covers the three main areas:

  • Theory
  • Business
  • Application

It is a very intensive and in-depth course that covers everything you need to know about products, application, techniques, business and much more! The curriculum is constantly updated with the industry, ensuring that students are provided with the most up-to-date knowledge. All our students are provided with unlimited access to our online course, giving them access to the industry's latest information and techniques! The Lash Shop provides beyond the industry standard training, as we want every student to succeed.


Live Courses Includes: 

  • Lash Kit ($600 Value)
  • Certification and Accreditation
  • Unlimited Access to Online Classic Lash Extension Course
  • Lifetime Support
  • 20% Student Discount on The Lash Shop Products
  • Student Discount on New Courses

 Course Location:

  • Major Oaks Road and Brock Road in Pickering
  • Mobile Training Available in GTA ($150+ Fee Will Apply)

Kit Contents (Subject to Change):

Lashes Extension Trays
  • J Curl 0.15mm Mixed Tray
  • B Curl 0.15mm Mixed Tray
  • C Curl 0.15mm Mixed Tray
  • D Curl 0.15mm Mixed Tray
  • J Curl 0.18mm Mixed Tray
  • B Curl 0.18mm Mixed Tray
  • C Curl 0.18mm Mixed Tray
  • D Curl 0.18mm Mixed TraY



  • Nano Mister
  • Straight Tweezer (2)
  • Curved Tweezer (2)
  • Mirror ($10)
  • Lint-Free Eye Pads (50)
  • Jade Stone
  • Micropore Tape
  • Transpore Tape
  • Microfoam Tape
  • Kind Removal Tape
  • Flocked Tip Applicators (100)
  • Mascara Wands (100)
  • Micrbrushes (100)
  • Cleansing Brushes (10)



  • Primer
  • Remover
  • Sky Glue
  • Eternity Adhesive
  • Infinity Adhesive
  • Bubble Bath Cleanser



  • Mannequin Head
  • Training Lashes


We recognize that learning a new skill can be overwhelming! It can be very difficult to absorb so much information all at once. To ensure our students arrive comfortable and ready to learn, we provide our students with access to our online course 1-week prior to training. This allows students to be comfortable with the material and techniques covered during the live training.

We guarantee that EVERY student will complete the live course with confidence. We offer complimentary sessions if required.


In-Person 1-Day Course

Tuition Fee: $1200

Time: 8:00AM - 5:00PM

Model: 2:00PM

Students are required to provide their own model.

In-Person 2-Day Course

Tuition Fee: $2000

Time: 8:00AM-5:00PM (Day 1), 8:00AM-3:00PM (Day 2)

Model: 2:00PM (Day 1), 8:00AM and 12:00PM (Day 2)

Students are required to provide their own models.

Online Course

Tuition Fee: $850

Time: Self Paced, Unlimited Access to Course

Model: 1 Model Required for Certification

Students are required to provide their own model.

Purchase Online Course Here


To register for a lash course, please complete the form below. Please be advised that a $100 deposit is required to register - further information will be provided upon confirmation of course date. Please note that the deposit is NON REFUNDABLE.

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