The Lash Shop is an Award Winning Lash Academy. We continuously work to raise the industry training standards by offering the most comprehensive training.

What makes us different from other Lash Academy's? We invest in all our students to ensure that they are provided with the confidence and tools to stand out in the industry. We guarantee that all students complete their training with confidence. We offer complimentary sessions and lifetime support to ensure students are set up for success in the industry.



Do you offer group trainings?

Many Lash Academy's offer group trainings, however, we have chosen to offer only private trainings. Group trainings are more profitable for a business, however, we have decided to invest in our students. We want to provide quality training and create quality lash artists. Lash extensions is a form of art - it's all in the details. The only way we're able to create quality lash artists is to give 100% of our Educator's attention to each student. Offering private trainings will also allow each student to work at their own pace.


Do you offer Classic, Volume and Mega Volume in a 1 day course?

We do not offer a 3-in-1 course for new lash artists. It is important to learn and perfect the basics (Classic) before learning more advanced techniques (Volume and Mega Volume). Always learn to walk before you run! Rushing into new techniques too quickly will prevent you from being the best artist you can be! It is recommended to practice Classics for 2-3 months before learning Volume.


What if I take the course and fail?

We don't fail students! We invest in all our students. We will continue to work with you until you are producing quality work and are confident in your craft. All sessions are complimentary! This is what makes The Lash Shop stand out from other Lash Academy's - we truly care about the success of each of our students.