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Blue Silicone Tape (0.5-inch)
Blue Silicone Tape (0.5-inch)

Blue Silicone Tape (0.5-inch)



Our Blue Silicone Tape is a best-selling product for lash extensions and lash lifts at The Lash Shop. This gentle tape is an essential tool for enhancing the efficiency and comfort of lash appointments. Designed for sensitive skin and eyes, this hypoallergenic tape is perfect for securing bottom lashes, manipulating eyelids, and ensuring smooth lash lift and extension procedures. Its gentle adhesion prevents irritation and discomfort, making it a favorite among lash artists for its ease of use and effectiveness.

Key Features:

Sensitive Skin Approved: Hypoallergenic and soft, ideal for sensitive skin, reducing the risk of irritation and enhancing client comfort during lash services.

Multipurpose Lash Tool: Perfect for securing bottom lashes and manipulating eyelids, this tape facilitates easier and more efficient lash appointments.

Optimal Stickiness: Maintains ideal adhesion throughout the procedure, holding everything in place without slipping or shifting, crucial for precision in lash extension applications.

Flexible and Repositionable: The tape can be adjusted and repositioned, ensuring versatility in use and comfort for the client.

Easy and Gentle Removal: Ensures a pain-free removal process that does not pull the skin or lashes, maintaining a smooth and comfortable experience for the client.

Best-Selling Lash Extension Tape: Trusted by professionals for its reliability and superior performance in lash extension and lash lift services.

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The most gentle

This is amazing for being gentle even for the most sensitive skin! Even if I were to rip it off my skin, it still wouldn't hurt! I've repurchased this several times already.

Michelleo Chung
Best gentle tape!!

I love using this tape to pull and stretch my clients eyelids to get to difficult areas. It leaves no sticky residue and is extremely gentle yet effective, I even use it to pull away sections of lash extensions and it never tugs the lashes. LOVE AND COULDNT RECOMMEND ENOUGH

Gentle yet tapes lashes down

I love this for lash lifts. I use it to make sure the lift lotion never gets out of where it needs to be and I use it to tape down lower lashes.

best tape in the game

i've used a variety of different kind of tape and this is by far the most gentle. it sticks very well yet DOES NOT pull at the skin. my clients only have positive things to take about this blue silicone tape. 100% recommend it!

Chloe C

This tape is one of my favourite tapes I have used, it is one of the most gentle ones I have found and have had no complaints from clients.

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