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Disposable Eyeliner Brush
Disposable Eyeliner Brush

Disposable Eyeliner Brush



Enhance your lash lift services with our Disposable Eyeliner Brushes, meticulously designed for precision and ease of use. Ideal for professional lash artists, these brushes come in a pack of 50, ensuring efficiency and top-notch hygiene. Each brush features a fine tip that enables precise application of lash lift lotions, guaranteeing perfect coverage without waste.


Beyond lash lifts, these brushes serve as excellent hygienic testers for clients interested in trying lash aftercare products, such as Boost Nutritive Serum, before purchasing. This makes them a versatile addition to your professional toolkit, ensuring client satisfaction and safety.

Key Features:

Precision Tip: Fine brush tip allows for meticulous application, ideal for both lash lift solutions and detailed beauty treatments.

Disposable Convenience: Single-use design enhances hygiene, preventing cross-contamination between clients.

Versatile Use: Perfect for applying a variety of products, from lash lift lotions to aftercare serums, ensuring a versatile and essential tool for lash professionals.

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