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Mannequin Training Head
Mannequin Training Head

Mannequin Training Head




Practice makes perfect! Master the art of eyelash extensions with our professional Mannequin Head, an essential tool for any lash artist's training kit. Designed to simulate real human features, this mannequin head offers a realistic platform for practicing various lash techniques without the need for a live model. It's compatible with our lash practice strips, allowing for repeated application and removal exercises.

The mannequin head is also perfect for lash extensions educators looking to enrich their training experience and student kits. 

Key Features

Realistic Training Tool: Offers a realistic experience to practice eyelash extension applications, ideal for students and trainers in eyelash extension courses.

Compatible with Lash Practice Strips: Designed to be used with lash practice strips

Durable and Long-Lasting: Constructed from high-quality materials to ensure durability for extensive use in training and practice sessions.

Additionally, if you're an educator or aspiring to enhance your teaching experience, explore our exclusive Educator Program (hyperlink to the program). It offers substantial discounts on professional lash kits, designed to support your training endeavors or kickstart your career in lash education. This program equips educators with essential resources to excel and innovate in the lash industry.

How to Use

Setup: Secure the lash practice strips onto the mannequin head along the eye area. 

Secure: Using a strip of our 1-inch foam tape, adhere it onto the base of the practice strips to secure it, and to mimic the eyelid.  

Practice Application: Apply, adjust, and remove eyelash extensions to practice your lashing skills and technique.

Repetition: Replace the strips as necessary to continue practicing and improving your lash application techniques.

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