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Introduce the Product Rings from The Lash Shop into your lash lift kit—a practical solution for holding lotions and other products during lash services. These rings are larger than traditional eyelash extension adhesive rings, specifically designed to hold lash lift lotions securely throughout the application process. The Product Rings are essential for any lash technician seeking to enhance the efficiency and cleanliness of their lash lift services. 

Each ring is disposable, ensuring a hygienic practice, and comes in packs of 100.

Key Features:

Specially Sized for Lash Lift Products: Larger than typical adhesive rings to easily hold lash lift lotions and other lash lift or eyelash extensions products.

Easy Application: Facilitates a smooth workflow by keeping products readily accessible during lash services.

Disposable: Single-use design ensures cleanliness and eliminates the need for post-service cleanup.

Pack of 100: Ideal for high-volume lash studios, providing a fresh, clean ring for each client.

Enhances Efficiency: Reduces product wastage by allowing precise dispensing for individual lash lift sessions.

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