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Anniversary Party :: January 18th at 6:00PM




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Bernice Tuano
TLS 7th Anniversary Party x PLA Collab

It was an amazing event, did not disappoint. The food, decor, lash goodies and of course innovative products. Looking forward to next year’s!

Great talk

100% beneficial and interesting great for networking as well! Thank you !

Janaany Muru
Informative Lash Lift Seminar

I recently attended a lash talk at The Lash Shop focused on lash lifts, and I must say, it was an informative and visually engaging experience. The seminar covered a wide range of topics related to lash lifts, and the presentation was enriched with numerous visuals, which added depth to the learning process. Overall, it was a positive experience, but there were a couple of aspects that could have been improved to make it even better.
The content of the seminar was extensive, and the speakers did an excellent job of explaining the various aspects of lash lifts. The visuals they used, such as slides and demonstrations, were very helpful in understanding the techniques and procedures involved. I felt like I gained valuable insights into the lash lift process, and I left the seminar feeling more confident about my knowledge in this area.
However, one area where the seminar could have been improved was the pacing. While the thorough coverage of topics was appreciated, there were moments where it felt like certain sections could have been condensed or sped up. This could have helped to keep the audience engaged and maintain the energy throughout the event.
On a positive note, I was pleasantly surprised by the generous distribution of free products. It was fantastic to receive these goodies, and they were a valuable addition to the overall learning experience. The gesture demonstrated The Lash Shop's commitment to their attendees, and it left a lasting impression on me.
In conclusion, the lash lift seminar at The Lash Shop provided valuable information and employed visually appealing materials to enhance learning. Despite the occasional slowdown in pacing, the knowledge gained and the complimentary products received made it a worthwhile event. I appreciate the effort put forth by the organizers and would certainly consider attending future seminars hosted by The Lash Shop.

Mahmuda Amin
Lash talks

Attending Lash talks has been an absolute pleasure. It was a day filled with learning, meeting different artists, getting to know more about the awesome products at the lash shop and overall a space filled with positive energy. I can’t even put in to words how much it impacted my artistry skills that I bring in to my Studio, I 100% recommend every lash artist to attend a lash talk as it’s so beneficial and so so so much fun! I love the team and I swear by every one of their products!!