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Silver Adhesive Stickers
Silver Adhesive Stickers

Silver Adhesive Stickers



Enhance your lash extension setup with our Silver Eyelash Extension Adhesive Stickers, specifically designed to pair with our Crystal Glue Stone. These stickers serve as a protective layer, keeping your glue stone free from adhesive residue. These stickers also ensure the lash glue is dispensed on the best surface, keeping it fresh for longer. With 300 stickers per pack, you'll have a plentiful supply for numerous applications.

Key Features

Keeps Glue Fresh: Provides a non-porous, compatible surface that extends the freshness of your lash glue.

Easy Application: Stickers are simple to peel, apply, and remove, streamlining your lash application process.

Protective Barrier: Prevents adhesive residue from accumulating on the eyelash glue stone, maintaining a clean and professional environment.

Bulk Quantity: Each pack contains 300 stickers, offering great value and convenience for busy lash professionals.

How to Use

Place a new adhesive sticker on the crystal stone.

Dispense a drop of lash adhesive onto the sticker.

Dip lash extensions into the center of the adhesive drop for optimal freshness and minimal waste.

Flash cure the adhesive with a drop of water.

Replace the sticker after each client to maintain cleanliness and efficiency.


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