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Lash Strips

Lash Strips



Master the art of eyelash extensions with our Professional Training Lashes. These lashes are essential for anyone from beginners developing foundational skills to advanced technicians perfecting volume fan applications. They provide a realistic practice method, making them perfect for use during eyelash extension training courses, and at-home practice.

Struggling to find models for practice? No problem. Our training lashes easily adhere to our mannequin heads, allowing you to practice isolation and lash placement without a live model. 

Key Features

Realistic Simulation: Mimics natural lash lines, offering an authentic practice experience to refine precision and technique.

Versatile Application: Ideal for practicing everything from basic isolation to advanced volume fan applications.

Educational Tool: An indispensable part of eyelash extension training, these lashes allow for realistic practice and effectively develop skills.

Designed for Practice: Easy to attach to mannequin heads, facilitating continuous practice without the need for live models.

High Quality: Durable synthetic fibers designed to withstand eyelash extension application and removal techniques.

How to Use

Setup: Secure the lash practice strips onto the mannequin head along the eye area. 

Secure: Using a strip of our 1-inch foam tape, adhere it onto the base of the practice strips to secure it, and to mimic the eyelid.  

Practice Application: Apply, adjust, and remove eyelash extensions to practice your lashing skills and technique.

Repetition: Replace the strips as necessary to continue practicing and improving your lash application techniques.

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