THE LASH SHOP draws inspiration from Science and Artistry to create innovative products and advanced education that has never been seen before - paving the path to evolve the industry.

Our products are created with the needs of Artists' in mind, in which each product is extensively researched and tested in-house as well as at our off-site lab. This ensures that every product is optimized to generate beautiful results.

We are an Award-Winning Academy recognized for its Comprehensive Curriculum. Education is a vital aspect to our Brand, as we believe that a strong knowledge in Artistry will allow the products and tools we offer to be used to their full potential. We take a scientific and systematic approach in our courses, to ensure that Students are able to easily understand, resonate, and grasp key concepts. Our courses are extremely in-depth and will cover every single aspect of each topic to ensure that Students are provided with a strong foundation, which are the building blocks to success!

THE LAB is an innovative and interactive space we created so Artist's can come in and experiment with all our products. At THE LAB, we offer product knowledge sessions so Artist's can learn how to use products, as well as mentorship sessions to help Artists' perfect their craft.
Too far to visit us? Don't worry, we have created on online version so you can discover our products!

We would love to have you come join us at THE LAB!